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Meet Pam

Hi, I’m Pam

My first Akashic Records reading in 2017 had a profound affect on me, validating my spiritual re-awakening. It revealed my purpose, my gifts, and the nature of my soul.

At that time, I was so overwhelmed with the information I was receiving that I didn’t ask for specifics of how to actually manifest my purpose. I thought I would find it in the modalities I had immersed myself in to that point – I am a certified yoga teacher; a Reiki Master; certified in Ho’oponopono and Yoga Nidra. I have studied intensively about meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, and Ayurveda. But as time passed, I realized those modalities didn’t speak to my soul and to my heart as  did the Akashic realm. So, being an academic (retired professor), I set about to earn my credentials.

Spirit led me to follow two paths in studying to be an Akashic Practitioner. I first earned certification in the Soul Realignment Practitioner Program. Then, I took a workshop with the person who had done my 2017 reading, followed by classes offered by HER teacher – Dr. Linda Howe. This new path resonated with me the most, I felt immediately at home. Spirit guided me all the way. Now, I am operating under the mentorship of Dr. Howe, and additional contact information about her program is offered on my “Credentials” page. 

The certification programs required a practicum. It was there that I found my JOY. It was one thing to access my own Records for guidance (which I do daily). But to be able to help others in finding their own soul’s purpose; to reveal what might be holding a person back from being their best and suggesting how they can clear those blocks and restrictions; to seek answers to questions and concerns for other people – THAT was fulfilling my own soul’s purpose. To be a helper and a healer. I am so very grateful. That is why I am here.



My Approach

Every person’s soul is divine. I approach each reading as a search for the highest good for the client and everyone associated with them. I strive to treat every client with love and compassion, in a fashion to assist them on their life’s path and their soul’s purpose in this life.
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What people say about Pam:

Pam’s reading helped me to see that there are not any blocks to my moving forward with fulfilling my dreams. The insights she shared helped me see a truth about myself which helped me move forward.

K.K., Lakewood, CO

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